Storytellers will be back in 2021

One of my biggest achievements from the year that was 2020, was creating my interview website Storytellers. It allowed me to take my favourite type of writing – the long-form profile – and share the lives and journeys of some incredible people in my life. And it will be back this year, with a wholeContinue reading “Storytellers will be back in 2021”

Storyteller – Amy Carmody

Yogi, teacher, master of change Amy Carmody knows how to pivot. It’s not just the 10 years of classical ballet, or over a decade as a much-loved yoga instructor that has helped her with this flex. It’s also her innate instinct to seamlessly adapt in times of change. We sat down via FaceTime, almost twoContinue reading “Storyteller – Amy Carmody”

Storyteller – Marissa Parrot

Adventurer, passionate conservationist, leader Marissa Parrott is a passionate storyteller. When I call her to get initial notes for my pitch about her recent month-long voyage to Antarctica, we fill 40 minutes of tape talking about everything from polar swims, to being on the bushfire frontline, to her ground-breaking research in endangered species reproductive biology.Continue reading “Storyteller – Marissa Parrot”

Netflix, you have some explaining to do

When I’m not on my way to becoming the next Pro Hart through online NGV painting classes, or working towards folding myself in half after the fourth yoga class for the day, let’s face it, I’m watching TV. Obviously there are hundreds, if not thousands, of titles for your every mood. But today I wasContinue reading “Netflix, you have some explaining to do”

Confessions of a hobby hoarder – the best activities to keep you inspired during isolation

I will be the first to admit that I am not good at sitting still. Sure I like a Netflix binge as much as the next person, but it’s usually accompanied by a slew of other activities such as online shopping, planning my next getaway or vigorously swiping left on Tinder. Even pre-pandemic I wasContinue reading “Confessions of a hobby hoarder – the best activities to keep you inspired during isolation”