Storytellers is now also a podcast!

Hurray! Storytellers is also now a podcast! Available on all your favourite podcast apps, hear your favourite storytellers in action, plus some extra content for your listening pleasure. Ten episodes are already available, with a new one also dropping every week in 2021. Listen now!

Storyteller – Marissa Parrot

Adventurer, passionate conservationist, leader Marissa Parrott is a passionate storyteller. When I call her to get initial notes for my pitch about her recent month-long voyage to Antarctica, we fill 40 minutes of tape talking about everything from polar swims, to being on the bushfire frontline, to her ground-breaking research in endangered species reproductive biology.Continue reading “Storyteller – Marissa Parrot”

Confessions of a hobby hoarder – the best activities to keep you inspired during isolation

I will be the first to admit that I am not good at sitting still. Sure I like a Netflix binge as much as the next person, but it’s usually accompanied by a slew of other activities such as online shopping, planning my next getaway or vigorously swiping left on Tinder. Even pre-pandemic I wasContinue reading “Confessions of a hobby hoarder – the best activities to keep you inspired during isolation”

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